Sunday, August 19, 2007

Road Closures at Rediculous Levels in Pittsburgh

Yet again, roads are closed everywhere in Pittsburgh. Tunnels like the Squirrel Hill are continuously closed on the weekends leading to massive traffic tie ups. I mean just look at all the closures on the contruction round up page. WHen the fuck is the I-79 work going to be done? I have been driving down to Morgantown for several years and I feel like it just never ends. How long does it take for you construction fuckheads to get this done? Are these Union bums who can only for 5 hours out of an 8 hour day, and overtime costs tax payers an arm and a leg??????

Here are VERY simple solutions to fix these problems if someone in this city/county/state had some cojones:

1) Don't hire union labor. The unions did their job and got rid of greedy folks who wanted more money then they needed (if you believe all that socialist bullshit). Let them picket. Let them whine. Hell they don't even picket themselves some of them are so lazy, they use union dues to hire college kids and bums who do it for them. With teams that can work around the clock, these jobs will be done in no time.

2) Start hiring based on quality, not on lowest bid. Get bids based on "road quality guarantee". That is, first, if the road goes to shit, the contractor will have to pay their own time and money later to repair it, PLUS pay for inspection to insure it will last this time PLUS be liable if the city decides they suck and wants to hire someone else to do it. If they can't do it right, their company should have to pay someone who can...why should we???

3) Hire based on time time. Say, we'll pay you this much, and you don't get paid until its done on time. If its not done, not only does the amount you get begin to drop, but you start picking up your own bill. Again, you will have a choice: get rid of workers who can't work around the clock for decent workers or lose money.

I'd like to hear more ideas on this, so get em out there. How else can we fix this "quagmire" of paying for shitty quality? Bring the power back into our hands and use the free market as well as ambition to drive building, and we can't go wrong.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fire in the Hole! Hilareous new prank on Fast Food Losers

Check out this new prank that is happening around the country. In my opinion its hilareous, especially since fast food people are always miserable and fuck up orders (except at Chic-Fil-a where I must admit they never make mistakes and the food is usually pretty fresh.) If you DON'T Laugh at this, you are probably a jagoff and you probably won't like anything in my blog, so go fuck yourself and go back to your faggity PETA or global warming blogs.