Tuesday, January 23, 2007

People who burp out loud should get kicked in the throat.

As I left one of the local Universities tonight, from right behind me, I hear this obnoxiously loud, forced burp. The guy was 20 and was with his douchebag friend. It fucking annoyed me so bad, that I contemplated telling the guy to shut the fuck up and stop acting like a 6th grader, but I thought that would be prude.

If you are over 12, and you force burps out very loudly, you are a JERKOFF. Hands down. I am far from a prude (note the foul mouth on my blog). If you burp out loud, I hope you do it in the face of an Uzbeki and they punch you in the throat.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bring a pen and paper to my table, STUPID.

Out on business this week, I hit up a Mexican Restaurant with my group. I want a simple steak fajita and want no tomato or guacamole. A simple task. With 14 other people ordering, I CONCEDE its not easy to remember it all. Some illegal immigrant takes my order and can barely speak the fuckin' language, which is another story. He has NO pen and paper. In front of my boss, and my boss's boss, I make a simple request--"Can you write that down?"

"Senor, I can remember eet."

Before you ask...of fuckin' course he didn't get it right. Not only can he not learn to speak a SIMPLE language, there were the tomatos and guacomole all fuckin mixed in with other shit I like putting on my fajita.

For 90% of waiters and waitresses, there is a good reason why you are there. You are either a student with too much else on your mind like poon and partying, or are just too stupid to get another job. And you give the excuse that "I make good money at this job, I can walk out with 150 bucks a night". Guess what? Most college grads walk out with that too from your average business job, and have a future.

There is a 1 in 3 chance that when you take my order, you will forget what I said by the time you get stopped by the 6 other selfish assholes on the way to place the order. When you order from my table, take the effort to pick up a pen and write my order down, or don't expect more than a dime for your tip, dipshit.

Monday, January 15, 2007

UPMC St. Margaret's-Big Insult to Injury

So I head to UPMC St. Margaret's Hospital today to visit a pal of mine who has a chronic illness. He frequently has to be admitted due to pain, where subsequently they dope him up since there is no cure, and he lays there zombified until his pain goes away. But I digress.

Upon arrival to the suburban hospital, I find that for a half an hour visit I must pay THREE DOLLARS to park in their lot. There are 3 lots, none of which are being used except the one I am parked in, and the one I am using barely has any cars in it.

Now this hospital isn't run by the Shriners, where you may expect them to ask for handouts since they dish out all the cash themselves, and may ask for the 3 bucks to help pay for property. This isn't a hospital run by the Sisters of Mercy where they may ask you to toss in a buck or two to help out. This is UPMC, the KING of hospitals in the western PA area, not to mention a hospital basically in Fox Chapel where Pittsburgh's richest live!

The Hospital also expects my friend to dish out 5 bucks a day for TV service. Can he bring his own in? No. But he has to use their piece of shit service with 5 fuckin channels on it.

Just for your info, UPMC made a record $523 million in their '06 fiscal year (they have been trending up.) There are companies that would give their arms for 1/10th of that. They brag about their $60 million in charitable care. Don't believe this shit. If it wasn't for the bad press for refusing someone, I just can't see these dickheads handing a dime to anyone. If people still can't afford it, where is all my medicare money going???

If you expect me to pay even a DIME for my parking, then I expect you to provide full security to my car. WHAT THE FUCK AM I PAYING THREE BUCKS FOR?? If my car gets fucked up, or busted into, you should be liable. Don't put those jerkoffish "Park at your own risk" signs. If you are taking my money, I want a service.

The ironic thing is, if I weren't a member of the interminably stupid as well, I would park on one of those fancy streets a block or two away and not pay a dime. But silly me.

Hey Jeff Romoff, CEO of UPMC, maybe you can give back some of that 2.4 mil you earned in 2005 so that you don't have to ask people with friends and families with cancer to begin our agony 1000 steps earlier into the hospital by paying your redicuous parking fee. Fuck yourself, Romoff, you asshole.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

First Post, here it comes...

This is my first post.

What is this blog about?

I wanted to try out this blogging thing, because it seems so theraputic. No one gets pissed about things like I do, and I KNOW I am not the only person who gets annoyed at shit that goes on in Pittsburgh.

So when things come up that annoy me, I'm going to post. If you agree, then contact me. If you don't, contact me. If you don't like what I post, then go fuck yourself, I probably hate you anyway.