Thursday, October 8, 2009

I love these guys

If the world just had more teacup piggies, everything would be alright and everyone would be happy. Even Gravis.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Port Authority Clowns at it again

Well, the Port Authority assholes are at it again. Today, a story in the Post Gazette shows that some drivers hit an all time low. They printed up fliers, without the permission of the Port Authority, and tried to SCARE a bunch of passengers with a bunch of bullshit warning them their lines would be cancelled. The worst part is that in some cases, they blatently LIED.

One false charge made in a brochure was that "mass transit in Oakmont and Verona is being eliminated," according to Jim Ritchie, spokesman for the Port Authority.

Many of the drivers are truly the bottom of the barrel. By far the most hateful letters I get are from these dildos. They are the most defensive, useless people ever. They do what they want on the road. Here's an example:

I pull over to drop someone off. Cars pass me and I wait my turn to re-enter, AS I SHOULD BECAUSE I AM NOT SPECIAL AND DON'T DESERVE TO GET BACK IN IMMEDIATELY WHEN IT SUITS ME.

But for bus drivers, well NOOOOOO. Half the time they don't even pull over, when they are SUPPOSED TO. Then when they do, AS SOON as their folks are dropped off, they push their douchebag buses back into traffic. On a few occasions, they almost crush people's cars to do so. Instead of waiting patiently to re-enter traffic, they just weave in and out.

I have seriously considered picking up a cheap video camera and when I run into one of these fuckheads weaving in and out like bullies, just following them and taping them and posting it so their boss (and the people they try to convince that they are so great and worthy) can see it.

I could bitch about these dicknoses all day, but who'd listen? Hopefully the Port Authority will fire these clowns. By the way, if there is an underutilized route, why should we pay for it?? Let the people using the bus pick up the tab, and if there aren't enough people using it, how the fuck is that our problem? You get a smaller bus or no bus at all. Your problem, not ours.

THIS IS SO FUCKIN SIMPLE, WATCH THIS!!! Lets say a bus costs $100 to operate including the profit they want to make (to make it simple for math dummies). You have an area where the buses are packed, 100 people a day. Each pays a dollar. Now you have another area where only 20 people use it. They should pay $5. That is life, you got unlucky living somewhere where people don't use the bus. Don't ask the people who live where the 100 people utilize the bus pick up the tab for the skimpy bus area. Or expect route cuts and bus drivers stuck doing the jobs they deserve at the prices they deserve.