Thursday, October 8, 2009

I love these guys

If the world just had more teacup piggies, everything would be alright and everyone would be happy. Even Gravis.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Port Authority Clowns at it again

Well, the Port Authority assholes are at it again. Today, a story in the Post Gazette shows that some drivers hit an all time low. They printed up fliers, without the permission of the Port Authority, and tried to SCARE a bunch of passengers with a bunch of bullshit warning them their lines would be cancelled. The worst part is that in some cases, they blatently LIED.

One false charge made in a brochure was that "mass transit in Oakmont and Verona is being eliminated," according to Jim Ritchie, spokesman for the Port Authority.

Many of the drivers are truly the bottom of the barrel. By far the most hateful letters I get are from these dildos. They are the most defensive, useless people ever. They do what they want on the road. Here's an example:

I pull over to drop someone off. Cars pass me and I wait my turn to re-enter, AS I SHOULD BECAUSE I AM NOT SPECIAL AND DON'T DESERVE TO GET BACK IN IMMEDIATELY WHEN IT SUITS ME.

But for bus drivers, well NOOOOOO. Half the time they don't even pull over, when they are SUPPOSED TO. Then when they do, AS SOON as their folks are dropped off, they push their douchebag buses back into traffic. On a few occasions, they almost crush people's cars to do so. Instead of waiting patiently to re-enter traffic, they just weave in and out.

I have seriously considered picking up a cheap video camera and when I run into one of these fuckheads weaving in and out like bullies, just following them and taping them and posting it so their boss (and the people they try to convince that they are so great and worthy) can see it.

I could bitch about these dicknoses all day, but who'd listen? Hopefully the Port Authority will fire these clowns. By the way, if there is an underutilized route, why should we pay for it?? Let the people using the bus pick up the tab, and if there aren't enough people using it, how the fuck is that our problem? You get a smaller bus or no bus at all. Your problem, not ours.

THIS IS SO FUCKIN SIMPLE, WATCH THIS!!! Lets say a bus costs $100 to operate including the profit they want to make (to make it simple for math dummies). You have an area where the buses are packed, 100 people a day. Each pays a dollar. Now you have another area where only 20 people use it. They should pay $5. That is life, you got unlucky living somewhere where people don't use the bus. Don't ask the people who live where the 100 people utilize the bus pick up the tab for the skimpy bus area. Or expect route cuts and bus drivers stuck doing the jobs they deserve at the prices they deserve.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome G-20! And protestors, go fuck yourselves!

Well, the G-20 clowns are moving into Pittsburgh. Oh, and those clowns include both the attenders of the summit, and the protestors. For the attenders, I just have one suggestion: Go have your summit on a boat, in the middle of the sea. All the countries can pay for a navy defense (yeah, even you too, Canada, with your no navy ass) and you can move wherever you want about the sea, or to a small island, and out of everyone's hair. What does it prove?

And then there are the protestors. What a bunch of shitbags and losers. I mean, if you want to find a bigger group of jobless scumbags with stupid philosophies (outside of Berkeley, California that is), just check out our town over the next few days. If the losers of the world could hold a convention of their own (provided they had the money to hold it anywhere decent, which they don't) it will be in Pittsburgh. Lets look at the winners highlighting this group of assholes:

Code Pink: Old pigs protesting war. War protests are boring now. Bush is gone. Obama will never end the wars, so get over it and get back to your lives. By the way, I love that the husband of the local leader of this group of cunts is a staunch republican.

Thomas Merton Center: Think Patchouli and shit mixed up in one exciting package. Thats what you see when this group marches. What a bunch of rectums.

Three Rivers Climate Convergence: Manmade global warming chumps (see gullible clowns) who want us to live in the 1930s again technologically (but sure as shit not morally.) They are much more reasonable than other protestors, but their agenda is still stupid. Everytime they do something that sets us back in time, we should counter protest. Go buy a generator and a tank full of gas and crank it up to put some extra CO2 in the atmosphere to offset their change. Why? No fuckin good reason, just like there is no good reason to go protest because no one listens to you but yourselves, dumbasses.

Pittsburgh Organizing Group: Think Che, but not the cool Che that these commies love. Think Che like the piece of shit Che is. These will likely be the cowards wearing masks, and looking AIDSesque. They love using the word anarchy like its SOOO great, but really they don't know dick. As soon as lawlessness sets in, real men and women (and now criminals) will be out with guns and weapons and these pussies will be crying in the mud somewhere. Their like that kid who acts like a badass when there are people around to protect them, but when they get suddenly punched in the face, they don't fight back, they cry and say, "What the fuck man!?!??!" Complete pussies.

The list goes on and on. Some of these groups will be out breaking windows, trashing property, etc. Why can't we do anything? Why doesn't Ravendick and his chronies make a simple law. On that week, any property crime IS A FELONY. Just that week. If you are filmed destroying property or hurting police, you will go to jail for a very uncomfortable stay. You will also have a felony on your record. You will see 95% of these problems clear up after one year of the horrible stories. When you get locked up with other losers, it doesn't matter...but when you get locked up with Luis, head of Los Pepes, in a prison cell, you'll think hmmm, maybe next year I'll do something work.

Come to our neighborhood and protest, and walk on our property. You'll meet our friend, a jolly wooden fellow nice Easton printed on it.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Time to come back...

Well, its been two years of hiatus. Whats new with me? You don't give a fuck. I haven't been in prison, nor have I have been in a mental hospital, though its damn obvious you'd want me there, I know.

I can't say I am any more tame. Angrier, is probably a better word. We went from one dumbass president that at least had a set of balls to another dumbass president with the balls of a 15th century Catholic Choir boy. PA government has gotten worse. And even better...WE HAVE THE FUCKIN G-20 HERE IN A WEEK! What a dumbass much to blog, so little time. Ok, expect great new topics from me including:

-My new law for old hard-ons and asians driving across bridges and through tunnels
-Want to save the environment? Fix the fuckin red lights to save some fuel burning!
-More on my hatred for American Cars (the hate mail is strong with that post) and now how they are run by the government
-Why the Pittsburgh Left Turn is the GREATEST invention known to man (stop whining about it LA rectums)
-Lots of Pittsburgh issues

Expect angrier. Expect more upfront. And expect me to take it like I dish it out. I went back through my email and posted EVERY hateful message. I am not a pussy, and I plan to respond thoroughly to each and everyone of your posts, including you union worthless, bus driving morons, and douchebags.

Actually there was one post that was so hateful, I just couldn't put it up because it was pretty racist. I am the least PC guy in the world, but there's no great reason to ever call anyone a n@@ger. There are so many other derogatory terms for people that I find acceptable, try and stick to one of those, or expect your words to be lost in the aether.

Love you all. Except Ravenworthless.