Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Time to come back...

Well, its been two years of hiatus. Whats new with me? You don't give a fuck. I haven't been in prison, nor have I have been in a mental hospital, though its damn obvious you'd want me there, I know.

I can't say I am any more tame. Angrier, is probably a better word. We went from one dumbass president that at least had a set of balls to another dumbass president with the balls of a 15th century Catholic Choir boy. PA government has gotten worse. And even better...WE HAVE THE FUCKIN G-20 HERE IN A WEEK! What a dumbass much to blog, so little time. Ok, expect great new topics from me including:

-My new law for old hard-ons and asians driving across bridges and through tunnels
-Want to save the environment? Fix the fuckin red lights to save some fuel burning!
-More on my hatred for American Cars (the hate mail is strong with that post) and now how they are run by the government
-Why the Pittsburgh Left Turn is the GREATEST invention known to man (stop whining about it LA rectums)
-Lots of Pittsburgh issues

Expect angrier. Expect more upfront. And expect me to take it like I dish it out. I went back through my email and posted EVERY hateful message. I am not a pussy, and I plan to respond thoroughly to each and everyone of your posts, including you union worthless, bus driving morons, and douchebags.

Actually there was one post that was so hateful, I just couldn't put it up because it was pretty racist. I am the least PC guy in the world, but there's no great reason to ever call anyone a n@@ger. There are so many other derogatory terms for people that I find acceptable, try and stick to one of those, or expect your words to be lost in the aether.

Love you all. Except Ravenworthless.

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Tommy said...

Yes, yes, yes! Awesome blog! I hate Pittsburgh with a passion, having lived here all my life. I have a college degree and yet have been unemployed for three years, albeit applying over and over again for jobs. There is nothing in this city. People are either arrogant and rude, or apathetic. They care about nothing except beer and the Steelers. The Penguins wanted to leave because no one supported them, and they would have if a lottery ball wouldn't have bounced their way so they could draft Crosby. This city is the pits.