Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Hill District- A Symbol of Blight

This is an amazing link of sites that a friend of mine sent to me. Basically, these folks live in about the shittiest area in Pittsburgh (Hill District) and are trying to live a normal life despite crackheads, homeless, and pieces of shit. Instead of moving like most of us would do, these folks have put up cameras and are actively attacking the pieces of garbage who frequent a local crack house, loiter around property, and make their life hell.

I invite you to take a look at this video and ask yourself: Why can't they get the Hill area into shape? Is it really that hard? They continue to sink more and more money into the Hill and it continues to be shitty, crime ridden, and a waste of our money as taxpayers. Ever drive through there at noon? If its warm, there are 40-50 people just hanging out around, doing nothing? Why don't you assholes have jobs?

We continue to dump money into these shitholes when what we should be doing is turning this prime real estate into what it is: Prime real estate and more tax money, instead of paying for many of these folks to live for free. Ravendouchebag and the council of clowns will never get that. Housing subsidies increase in places like "The Hill", but how did folks in the depression who lived in a time of no government assistance not only live through being broke but also improved their lives? If they can do it, the vast majority of folks in our poorer areas can do the same.

Look at this video and shitbags that not only own this home, but the assholes who frequent it. These webmasters are doing the right thing by filming and keeping the eye on these bums, and I hope we dump the garbage that frequents these crack houses where the the sewer.

Here is an additional fun page, albeit tough to read:

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Do you need to wear your scrubs EVERYWHERE?

Walk around Oakland and you will see numerous people walking around in scrubs. Already stupid, but even worse, they wear their scrubs EVERYWHERE. Going to dinner? Their scrubs are on. Shopping? Their scrubs are on. Working out? Their scrubs are on. Can't you fuckin change before you leave the hospital? Aren't there locker rooms?

The fact is that you are working a field where you come into constant contamination every fucking hour of every fucking day. Can you do the city a favor and change those things before you spread bacteria and coughed up shit everywhere?

Worse yet, you can potentially contaminate your patients. Stop being a lazy inconsiderate asshole and change your fuckin clothes.

Same with Doctors and their lab coats. Can't you leave your stupid coat somewhere? I know you are a doctor. I know that you are smarter than me. I know that you drive a nicer car than I do. Do you really need to wear your coughed on, shitty coat everywhere? I don't think so. Leave it and your stethoscope and your show-off attitude in the office where it belongs. You don't see me wearing my uniform everywhere!

And honestly you have to be a lifeless jackoff to build an entire wikipedia article to scrubs.

Friday, April 13, 2007

The U.S. (and Pittsburgh)-a bunch of pussies

I'm out for a bachelor party this weekend.

This blog below sums it up more eloquently than my uneducated ass can. The next time you ride through the park and see the douche with the blinking light and headlight on his bike (pussy) or the swarm of crossing guards in your suburban neighborhood with narry a car to be seen...The next time you have to find a tricky route home because they lower the alcohol level to .02 and you can't even drive after you have a sip of beer, and get stopped by the drunk driving patrol with their 'papers please' nazi germany approach...or someone calls you a nappy headed ho and you have to protest because the reality is just like to stir up trouble(HUGE wimps), remember the blog below.

Have a great week.

When did America Become a Nation of Frightened Wimps

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Chances are your bumper sticker makes your look like a jagoff. Part 1

I was surprised to see my worthless little blog being featured as one of the blogs on the City Paper Website. Thanks to a few posts by individuals around other blogs and sites, the views have grown exponentially. Thank you to the fans out there, I know I am not the only one annoyed at some of the silly shit in this city.

If you like an article on here, please paste the link to the article on a forum somewhere, especially if it will piss off someone. My recent article about the Pirates was posted on a few forums and got hits, but I was shocked that no one sent me a nasty email or a post. Maybe many agree with me? I would like to hope, but probably not.

In a perhaps vain effort to get some interactivity going, I'd like to start the occasional 'bumper stickers' entry. That is, find bumper stickers that you think are gay beyond belief, post them to the discussion forum or send me an email and we can get it out there. As we decide which are best, we can go from there.

For my first entry on this topic, who thinks that these stickers are unbelievably annoying??

I see variations of them with this stupid kid pissing on a Ford logo or a Chevy Logo, or whatever. There is nothing cooler than kids doing watersports. If you have one of these stickers on your MOPAR, you are a jagoff, 1000%. Even gayer, you have THIS sticker to counter it:

I am annoyed by Greasemonkeys in general, but I'll save that for another entry. This is among one of the stupidest stickers out there, and you are embarrASSing yourself by placing it on a vehicle. Even it covers the most wretched rust spot, it is still worse.

Coincidentally, I own a "riceburner" and an "American" car and I can tell you the riceburner is 1000x more reliable than the shit coming out of Mexico, I mean Detroit.

Hope to hear about some of your favorites. Post them or email me at

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Easy Fix to Make the Pittsburgh Pirates Better...

Want to make the Pittsburgh Pirates better? It's easy. Until they start winning, STOP GOING TO THE FUCKIN GAMES!!!!!!!

Here is the scenerio. You shop at Target, for example. I have NO problem with Target, this is purely an example. You go there and something really shitty happens. Everytime you buy something from there, its fucked up, the service sucks, employees are rude, whatever. If you went to target once, and had great experiences, you won't complain at that one shit experience. Maybe twice. But what if Target fucked you FOURTEEN TIMES. Would you still shop there? NO. SO WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU WASTE YOUR TIME WATCHING A TEAM WITH 14 LOSING SEASONS????

The latest in a string of articles talks about them trying to be media darlings, and how with good feeling they'll break 500. What a load of shit. And don't give me this loyalty bullshit. You wouldn't be loyal to ANYONE who let you down 14 times. The Pirates should be no different.

Instead you get that sports lovin' jackass who would watch Kangaroo boxing if it was popular, and that stupid bitch who likes going to the games because they're fun. Stupid. You continue to pay, they continue to make money and nothing changes, including the whining at how much they suck, and the perpetual, "WOW, they may break 500 this year?" Yeah, and I may grow a third penis. Err second.

Here is my solution, since obviously what they have tried hasn't worked in 14 years. No matter how much you love baseball, no matter how much you like watching the game on the TV, boycott them. Don't go to games, don't click on their channel, don't put them on the radio. Let them know why you won't see them, and DON'T PUSSY OUT WHEN THEY THREATEN TO SELL THE TEAM. THEY WILL NEVER EVER EVER SELL THAT TEAM ANYWHERE.

If you did this to Target, guess what? The owners would realize the disgust of the customers, and spend money and time investing in being the best. On the contrary, if you continued to shop at Target, and they sucked but made money, they have less impetus to change.

Hit that piece of shit Kevin McClatchy, owner and stingy cocksucker where it hurts. He will be forced to spend more on the team, and in the long run, that suffering year or two without baseball may payoff to a lifetime franchise of fun.

This is perhaps the best analogy ever, and I am proud and I hope it reaches men and women alike. You can substitute Target for your favorite store, like Frederick's of Hollywood or your local porn shop.