Friday, April 13, 2007

The U.S. (and Pittsburgh)-a bunch of pussies

I'm out for a bachelor party this weekend.

This blog below sums it up more eloquently than my uneducated ass can. The next time you ride through the park and see the douche with the blinking light and headlight on his bike (pussy) or the swarm of crossing guards in your suburban neighborhood with narry a car to be seen...The next time you have to find a tricky route home because they lower the alcohol level to .02 and you can't even drive after you have a sip of beer, and get stopped by the drunk driving patrol with their 'papers please' nazi germany approach...or someone calls you a nappy headed ho and you have to protest because the reality is just like to stir up trouble(HUGE wimps), remember the blog below.

Have a great week.

When did America Become a Nation of Frightened Wimps

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