Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Do you need to wear your scrubs EVERYWHERE?

Walk around Oakland and you will see numerous people walking around in scrubs. Already stupid, but even worse, they wear their scrubs EVERYWHERE. Going to dinner? Their scrubs are on. Shopping? Their scrubs are on. Working out? Their scrubs are on. Can't you fuckin change before you leave the hospital? Aren't there locker rooms?

The fact is that you are working a field where you come into constant contamination every fucking hour of every fucking day. Can you do the city a favor and change those things before you spread bacteria and coughed up shit everywhere?

Worse yet, you can potentially contaminate your patients. Stop being a lazy inconsiderate asshole and change your fuckin clothes.

Same with Doctors and their lab coats. Can't you leave your stupid coat somewhere? I know you are a doctor. I know that you are smarter than me. I know that you drive a nicer car than I do. Do you really need to wear your coughed on, shitty coat everywhere? I don't think so. Leave it and your stethoscope and your show-off attitude in the office where it belongs. You don't see me wearing my uniform everywhere!

And honestly you have to be a lifeless jackoff to build an entire wikipedia article to scrubs.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic Post. I'm with you 100% on this one.