Tuesday, January 23, 2007

People who burp out loud should get kicked in the throat.

As I left one of the local Universities tonight, from right behind me, I hear this obnoxiously loud, forced burp. The guy was 20 and was with his douchebag friend. It fucking annoyed me so bad, that I contemplated telling the guy to shut the fuck up and stop acting like a 6th grader, but I thought that would be prude.

If you are over 12, and you force burps out very loudly, you are a JERKOFF. Hands down. I am far from a prude (note the foul mouth on my blog). If you burp out loud, I hope you do it in the face of an Uzbeki and they punch you in the throat.


Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your new blog and love it! I think I know you or at least a ton of other people who think like you and have similar gripes about not just Pittsburgh, but things in general. I can't wait until you vent about local traffic, construction, the instant assholes on the road when it snows/rains, the local news droaning on and on about the same things for 2 hours everynight (the hiring of Mike Tomlin - player's reaction, reaction of the fans, etc)! If I saw one more shot of a friggin salt pile and heard of the dreaded snow that was coming our way one more time these past 48 hours, I was going to scream! I wish you great success in your blogging adventures, and know, I will keep reading!

Gravis said...

I swear to Christ I did not write this post, nor do I know this person.

Thank you. If the comments pick up, I swear also that I won't respond to each and everyone :).