Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bring a pen and paper to my table, STUPID.

Out on business this week, I hit up a Mexican Restaurant with my group. I want a simple steak fajita and want no tomato or guacamole. A simple task. With 14 other people ordering, I CONCEDE its not easy to remember it all. Some illegal immigrant takes my order and can barely speak the fuckin' language, which is another story. He has NO pen and paper. In front of my boss, and my boss's boss, I make a simple request--"Can you write that down?"

"Senor, I can remember eet."

Before you ask...of fuckin' course he didn't get it right. Not only can he not learn to speak a SIMPLE language, there were the tomatos and guacomole all fuckin mixed in with other shit I like putting on my fajita.

For 90% of waiters and waitresses, there is a good reason why you are there. You are either a student with too much else on your mind like poon and partying, or are just too stupid to get another job. And you give the excuse that "I make good money at this job, I can walk out with 150 bucks a night". Guess what? Most college grads walk out with that too from your average business job, and have a future.

There is a 1 in 3 chance that when you take my order, you will forget what I said by the time you get stopped by the 6 other selfish assholes on the way to place the order. When you order from my table, take the effort to pick up a pen and write my order down, or don't expect more than a dime for your tip, dipshit.


BurghBoy said...

Sounds like you're the reason Pittsburgh is behind the world. When people can't begin to mesh ideas and cultures they fall back.

And poking fun at someone who works in a restaurant just because you're with your candy-ass chain of superiors doesn't mean you can poke fun at someone trying to make a living. Assfuck.

Gravis said...

What kind of a post is this? You must be a left-wing nut. What do "cultural values and meshing ideas" have to do with lazy forgetful waiters?? If you are going to earn a living, do it with pride and get my order right. HOW HARD IS THAT???

Go back to the commune, pinko.

At least you could have had the balls to leave your blog so I could post all over it what a jackass you are. Fuckass.