Friday, June 1, 2012

And we're back! Despite having not posted anything in approximately 3 years, this blog appears to still be getting 300-400 hits a week. Thats' 299-399 more hits a week than I thought it would get. Where have I been? You don't care. Only 10% of you were dropping by regularly according to Google Analytics. Email me if you really give a fuck (*crickets chirping*). Lots of good topics to discuss. Or at least for me to rant about and for you to attack. I plan on smashing Port Authority a bit more-they managed to go more downhill than the last time I wrote about them. Also, random bitching about Pittsburgh Gyms, Pittsburgh Tunnel Driving, and all sorts of fun. Fun fun fun til daddy takes the t-bird away. Sad that some yinzers still drive t-birds.

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