Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Coming back soon...

Hey everyone,

Its been a while, but I will shortly be returning after some major changes in real life to continue the blogging. Basically in 2 short months I have:

-Finished an old Masters
-Worked on a new bachelors
-Promoted to Middle Management in my company which has doubled my workload

The blog had to take a break. I am impressed to see I still get hits despite not posting for nearly two months, and they still approach triple digit numbers!!!!!!!!!

I have plenty of stuff to bitch about including Ravenfucknut our useless mayor, more poorly run construction (if I ran jobs like that I would be shitcanned right now), drink taxes (as if we aren't taxed enough, greedy politicians want more,) etc.

See you VERY soon.

1 comment:

Hutch Jr. said...

Just found your blog, by the initial read of it, you might like my show "Burghseyeview"