Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Illegal Immigrants making their way into Pittsburgh

Have you heard this story? Probably not because the stupid liberal whiny douchebags that write for newspapers feel guilty for it. Police picked up 6 illegals on our OWN PARKWAY.

Now why even post this? Well, it speaks to a multitude of problems. First, the next time your neighbor is collecting an unemployment check because his blue collar work ends for the summer and he gets temporarily laid off, well, here is a PERFECT job he could do in the meantime. Laying cable is just as honorable as running a business or teaching, and this is a job that should have been available, and frankly forced on, people in our country who don't want to work or take advantage of "laid off" time or welfare time. Guess what that means for you when people off welfare have to work? Less tax money taken out of your check.

Second of all, doesn't Verizon do checks on their subcontractors? When their cable is being laid and none of the guys speak English, isn't that troublesome?? If you are smart, you will mention your disgust to Verizon about who they keep company with.

And stop all this shit about "well were your grandparents born in this country?" No they weren't and frankly that was then and this is now and I don't give a shit. If you believe in that, let's just let everyone in, so they can suck up jobs, take handouts from the government and just drain our system dry like the old hard-ons did to that pool in the movie Cocoon. Plus my grandparents saved up for years and got the authorization to come here. They didn't sneak in when they weren't welcome.

Nobody's parents were born here except maybe the Indians, and don't give me that bullshit about this being their land. Ever see that movie Last of The Mohicans? Those fuckin savages!

Viva la Pittsburgh!


Scott said...

Listen, you obviously racist WASP smoke-job, what's the real issue here? Is it the fact that people are sneaking into this country to do an honest day's work for an honest day's pay? Is it that they are trying to survive by escaping their shit-hole lives in third world countries and unselfishly helping their loved ones back home?

No and no. It is the fact that you are SCARED of foreigners. You probably live and breathe Fox News where they teach you to fear anyone that doesn't put mayonnaise on every sandwich they eat. At least these people are WORKING. They aren't TERRORISTS, you ass. But then you probably think anyone that has slightly less than ghost-white skin is a terrorist.

And you know who should really piss you off? Maybe the big corporations like Verizon that are hiring illegal aliens to do jobs they don't want to pay Americans to do. They don't have to pay an illegal's health care and they don't have to pay them a decent wage. Any chance they can pinch a penny, be goddamn sure that they will.

Do yourself a favor and travel to another country and get yourself some perspective. The good ol' USA ain't the only country in the world. If you saw how others lived, maybe you would understand why they are risking so much by coming here to work. If we are hiring them, why would they NOT come?

Pittsburgh Sucks.

Gravis said...

Wow Scott, you really are a jagoff. Let me address your faggity post issue by issue, if it is even relevant hippy boy.

If people want to work in this country, they should do it legally. My parents were both immigrants from eastern Europe so don't give me that shit that I am afraid of foreigners. If you want to come in, do it legally.

You know DICK about me fuckface, so stop assuming I am a racist. Because I criticize South Americans for sneaking in, I'm a racist? We recently caught a person in my office here illegally from IRELAND, DICKHEAD, IRELAND, and we booted his ass back to the UK and I was just as happy to do so, despite his being whiter than me.

The fact is that MOST folks sneaking in are hispanic, so they get the most flack and rightfully so.

Its very simple, left wing douchebag scotty boy: Put up a wall. Stop welfare for about 90% of people. If my mother can work at 70 yrs old with liver cancer, most welfare BUMS can find a way to work. if they won't do these shit jobs, they starve. Fill the remaining jobs that the starvers and lazy folks won't do with legal immigrants and pay them a decent wage. What's wrong with that?

And to your point patchouli hippy boy, YOU should go to a country like India, and travel just outside of New Delhi, and you will understand a new meaning to the word poor. There are no fat poor people, unlike the slobs you see wondering around Gabriels. They sure can feed themselves in the US, why don't they go do hard labor?

People there barely eat, or have clothes. Our poor have VCRs, TVs, homes, cell phones, now that's rediculous.

Scott sucks. Pittsburgh doesn't need you anyway. Stay in San Fran with the rest of your delusional weed smoking hairy friends.