Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Good Riddance Port Authority Routes and Dickhead Drivers

Pittsburgh Port Authority bus drivers are the worst. They are aggresive cocksuckers. That is a blog for another day, and we'll save that for the next time I have an incident with one of these dildos.

If you haven't been living under a rock, Port Authority is making cuts to its routes. People are up in arms and there are protests and all kinds of shit! Chicken Little, the sky is falling!!!

I say, fuck 'em. Here's a few good reasons:
-How many times have you passed a bus in the evening and seen 2 people on that huge bus. And I am not talking on the outskirts of town, but rather where the main route of the bus is supposed to get people. Do you realize we are picking up a huge bill for those 2 morons?
-Cars are fucking cheap. I know some people are poor, I KNOW. But we are getting into an age where things are too spread out to rely on buses. The only places buses should run are places like Oakland and Downtown where parking is not free.
-Why the FUCK should I pay for your bus when I never need to use it? It should be your problem. If they need to hike rates because you need it, again, YOU SHOULD PAY THOSE. It is the price you pay for not having a car. If your rate is 3 bucks a ride, tough shit. This isn't socialism and this isn't like roads and school systems that everyone use. Only some people use the bus. So, only those SOME people should pay for it. I don't ask you to pay for my internet even when you don't have it, and you shouldn't ask me.

Bus drivers are overpaid, undertalented assholes. Any moron can do that job. Literally ANYONE who can drive can use a bus. This isn't a teaching job, or a tough blue collar job like construction. You sit in a temperature controlled bus everyday and the worst thing that happens is a smelly passenger, an argument, or the occasional police call.

You choose to live where you want. This is America. If there is no bus where you live, then move. This isn't medieval times where you are tied to your land like a vassal, asshole.


Anonymous said...

a lot of people who never ride the bus do benefit from the service-- its keeping more cars off of the road. can you imagine all the senior citizens having to drive? people who lost their licenses from DUI, on the same roads?
its good to have mass transit options. (of course, allegheny county's service is trifling compared to other metro areas').
and yea, all but two bus drivers i could remember in my PAT riding years were absolute fucking miserable dicks.

Scott said...

Hey, Douchey McDoucherson, I agree that it is necessary, albeit unfortunate, to cut some of those smaller routes. Also, from my experience, most port authority drivers are miserable taint-lickers.

The rest of your opinions are harder to swallow than a warm Iron City. The reason things in this city are so fucked up is because we are so spread out. The city planners must have been on crack when they built the infrastructure of this shit-stain of a metropolis. Our rail system only goes to one area: the South Hills. So that means more people have to ride huge buses with shitty drivers. Do you know what some people pay for parking? I have a coworker that pays $90 a month for a shitty lot in someone's back yard in Oakland. A monthly Port Authority pass is $60 a month.

I can afford a car, but now that they charge you a dick and a ball for a gallon of gas, I welcome more bus routes. I would rather sit on the bus for an hour and listen to music and read than sit in traffic and breath in fumes for the same amount of time.

It is so satisfying to look down from the T at those dumb fucks at a stand-still on 51, while I cruse along at around 35 mph with a rude cock-smoker at the controls.

You have to look at the bigger picture, less buses mean more cars and more traffic. There is a reason we are the 2nd most polluted cities in America. It's because of lazy assholes that want to drive their car at any opportunity.

Gravis said...

Well then why not build more roads, scott, instead of complaining there is too much traffic. There is more CO2 released when a volcano erupts once than has been released by all the cars ever on the road. If people can get to work faster that would solve everyone's problem.

Better yet, why does the government have to run the Port Authority? Why not make it a private entity?? That way, NO ONE pays for it instead of sympathetic assmos like yourself.

Anonymous said...

I am one of the wonderfull Bus Drivers of the Port Authority. Yes I work all day every day hauling Miserable Assholes like yourself around Town and putting up with your Shit day after day. Answering your stupid Fucking questions that you ask that you already know the answers to. Having to fight half of you cheap Mother Fuckers to pay your Bus Fare. Waking you Drunk Fuckers up at the last stop at night when you fall asleep and piss all over yourself. And yes I occasionally argue with stupid Cock Suckers like yourself that start fights with us because they are jealous of us having a good paying Job and knowing that there to inadequate to even come close to getting a Job that carries that much responsibility and getting that kind of compensation. My Job is to drive you from point A to point B. I don't make the rules or the routes. and I don't want to get personal with you. I don't want to know your name or where you work or how much you earn because I don't give a Fuck. So if you get on my Bus, just sit down , shut up , hold on and enjoy the Fuckig Ride. Yours Truely . Busey PS: I hope we get a raise in our next contract that will really Piss you Inadequate Insecure Crybaby Fucks off!

Gravis said...

Busey the pennis bus driver. I am going to give you the tip of your life. You ready? Here we go:

If you don't like your job...GO GET A NEW ONE. I don't care that you have to clean up piss or get bitchy people. Everyone has shitty aspects to their job. You are not the only one you self-centered assnapkin.

I hope you jackknife your bus into a lake of AIDS.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gravis, I have a poem a wrote for your foul mouth prick ass. and here it is.Gutterman gravis the foul mouth prick. talked so much shit that it shrank his dick. When he hooked up with a women to go have some fun, he couldn't get his limp little penis in her bun. So he decided to be a prick and a nasty one to. Swearing ang cursing at everybody that he knew.His life is so boring and his thoughts are so few. That he sits and write nasty letters to bus drivers that he never even knew. SO GOOD LUCK GUTTERMAN DEALING WITH ALL OF YOUR STRIFE. IN OTHER WORDS YOU PRICK QUIT WAISTING YOUR TIME AND GO GET A LIFE.

Gravis said...

Holy shit. Its amazing. You're like the Maya Angelou of undereducated bus drivers. Here's a poem back to you:

Bus drivers are stupid, no fucking shit.
You are a jerkoff, and thank God for the union, or you'd be sweeping streets.
Anyone can do your job, so if you don't like it, go get another.
You are as sharp as a bowling ball.

It doesn't rhyme. But then again, that piece of shit you wrote barely does either. As for my little prick, ask your wife...course, banging her is like banging an airplane hanger with a pickle.