Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fire in the Hole! Hilareous new prank on Fast Food Losers

Check out this new prank that is happening around the country. In my opinion its hilareous, especially since fast food people are always miserable and fuck up orders (except at Chic-Fil-a where I must admit they never make mistakes and the food is usually pretty fresh.) If you DON'T Laugh at this, you are probably a jagoff and you probably won't like anything in my blog, so go fuck yourself and go back to your faggity PETA or global warming blogs.


Anonymous said...

i didnt see the video but ive heard in detail what this is all about.
sorry, i dont think it would be funny at all. why? because if it happened to YOU, blogger, oh we'd hear about it, complete with expletives and wishes of maladies on the perp's children.
fast food is awful enough without asshats spraying you. no, i dont work fast food, but i did when i was a teenager.

Gravis said...

No doubt you have likely graduated to more important things. Perhaps careers in the housekeeping or janitorial industry.