Sunday, March 11, 2007

Protesters should be beaten, not tased

I don't have much this week to post. Actually I have lots but I am recovering from a long, out of country trip. It has been a while and I am actually surprised at all the page views I get, despite little advertisement. Thanks Google, Yahoo, Pittsburgh Bloggers, etc.

Anyways one thing I, as well as many Pittsburghers, cannot stand are fuckin protesters. Nothing more foul than driving by those abortion nuts with aborted fetus pictures. Next time I get nauseous and see one of those I am going to get out of my car and vomit on them.

One experience I had last year was during one of those pinko war protests (I REFUSE to discuss certain national stuff on here like the war, so if I get an email or post about it either way, I'll pitch it ASAP). As I drove down Forbes in Oakland, suddenly a bunch of dirty hippy scumbag cocksuckers decided to move from the sidewalk and take over the street and hold up ALL of the traffic. It was my prayer that someone would have mowed them down with their truck or perhaps a backhoe, but I was not so lucky.

Don't hold up traffic or waste my time for your faggity ideals on either side of political spectrum. Don't like the war? Go protest in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, not on a street I use on my day off. Don't like abortions? Go protest in front of some abortion clinic and disturb the parents. Don't make me sick on my way to work.

You have a right to protest. You DON'T have a right to waste my time or make me sick for your ideals that I couldn't care less either way about. Protest in front of my house and you'll get the contents of my toilet in your hair. Of course, since the vast majority of protesters are filthy hippies, that may be an improvement. At least in the smell...

And stop wearing masks you fuckin pussies. If you are going to be a badass anarchist, at least have the balls to show your face. That way if you get in my face with your 30 buddies with you all riled up on protest day, the next time I see you in the bar in your polo I can knock you on your ass for trying to intimidate me.

Ain't so bad without the rest of the dreadlock army, are you?

In commemoration of piece of shit protestors, enjoy this video and I'll be back next week to protest on here.

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Ryan said...

Best post yet. I totally agree with you.