Thursday, March 22, 2007

Why press the walk button when you're crossing anyway?

If you're not one of those assblades that has to bike or walk everywhere (aka you are too poor to afford a car, don't give me that environment bullshit), you have come upon this instance:

A long light at a busy intersection. Traffic backed up to the point where you have a 3-4 light wait. Suddenly, some dickhead approaches the intersection on foot. By some moronic pavlovian instinct, they press the button without looking at the intersection or waiting to see what will happen. They stop, they look, and realize the traffic is going nowhere near their path of crossing, and they cross.

Then in addition to these rediculous long waits, thanks to the lights never being tested for inappropriate (aka waste of my fuckin time) wait times, a subject for another blog, ALL the traffic sits and looks stupidly at each other while the walk light blinks and not a soul is visible crossing. Everyone waits because inconsiderate FUCKHEAD didn't want to take 5 seconds to assess the situation and be thoughtful of all those trying to get home from work.

Next time you see one of these assholes pressing the button AS they fuckin cross, don't hesitate to say something to them for doing it. I have made a big deal about it on 1-2 angry occasions, one time being a very drunk passenger in a car combining it with threats when the hippy flicked me off. Then I got out and pushed him down to the ground, but that's another more delightful story...

The moral: Be considerate of people, and don't even press these walk buttons until you have been waiting at least a few minutes to cross. Or an even more terse moral: Don't be an inconsiderate asspipe.


ryan said...

Am I the only person who reads this blog? Anyways, there are way too many goddamn hippies in this city who think they do no wrong. You'd think people who care about a plant's "feelings" would be a little more considerate to their own damn species. By the way, asspipe is one of the most funny swear words I have had the pleasure of reading in awhile.

Anonymous said...

Figures you two would like Asspipe… go back to prison. Oh, and by the way, no one cares what morons think. You’re too dumb to waste time on. Push to walk pedestrian buttons were deactivated a long time ago when they created COM-PU-TERS. Ever use one of these new fangled things? When you go back to school, ask about them. Traffic signals are computer-controlled now. Have been for decades. The buttons that still exist function only as placebos (what’s a placebo? Look it up asspipe). Any benefit from them is only imagined. Like you were. Unfortunately for the world, your mother thought it be worth bringing you into this world. So we got another fuckin idiot… more for me to look down upon and laugh.