Sunday, March 18, 2007

Your kid is not so smart, stupid.

Who is sick and tired of hearing the following:

"My kid is an A student!"

"My kid moved up one grade in reading!"

"My kid has been on the honor roll for 2 years now!"

Whoopity fuckin doo Pittsburgh people. The fact is that with grade inflation rampant and kids not being challenged, ITS NO ACCOMPLISHMENT TO DO THESE THINGS!!

38% of kids are reporting A averages. That doesn't sound so bad considering that less that 20 % are reporting D's and F's combined!!! Talk about skewing the in grades to A's, B's, and even C's!!

I know EXACTLY what problems are in our school systems today. Among them are administrations and teachers who bend over when a parent gets angry and threatens the loss of their job. As an untenured faculty (aka I could ACTUALLY get fired if I hit on a kid), I too enjoyed the congo-line buttbanging by parents, and had to do a little asskissing when I lost my temper. If a parent was upset that I gave their kid a C when they "should have had an A", I had to march right down to the principal's office and address the concern. Sounds like being in school for me all over again.

Your kid is not special, and making them feel like they are not a dime a dozen (like most of us REALLY are), helps them work harder to accomplish things. If they think they are "owed" things because they are "special", they never will work hard for anything, and be surprised why they NEVER make any real money, and are divorced by 24.

I'll make things easy for you. Here are some major accomplishments your kid should reach before I want to hear about how great they are:

-Don't even fuckin mention grades until your kid is at least a junior in college with a 3.5. Anything below a 3.9 in high school doesn't impress me or most people who see alot of high school grades.

-They don't get into a serious brush with the law. Stuff like underage drinking and simple assault are barely crimes, more like "rites of passage." You can exclude those when considering this rule.

-They don't knock someone up before they plan on it.

-They actually get a job out of college that is competitive, not one of those bullshit financial jobs that every resume gets an inquiry about.

-If they are a guy, they show me a picture of the girl they are banging and I say, "nice..." and mean it.

If all these are not in effect, don't talk to me or anyone else about your kid. I couldn't care less.

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Anonymous said...

The problem with our school system is that they have strayed away from education and gone to political indoctrination!